Faithful members of the Diocese of Steubenville have released a survey. The results will be shared with relevant members of the hierarchy.

I recommend taking this one seriously. You can find that survey here.

Some time last week the Diocese of Steubenville put out a survey of its own, saying the purpose is “to share your thoughts about the potential merger of the Diocese of Steubenville with the Diocese of Columbus.” In an interview, Bishop Monforton said it was an opportunity for the people of the Diocese to “vent.”

But it really isn’t either of those. It does have a box where “other concerns” can be shared, but the survey is structured as a press release in the form of questions. Because of how this whole process has gone, it stinks with and air of “throw the dog a bone.”

There’s no harm in taking the Diocese’s survey, but I don’t see much point in it, either.